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  • There were no riots in Sikh empire

  • Sikh Empire was 50 years ahead from Europe and England at that time

  • Sikh empire's one coin was equal to 13 pounds.

  • 80% people were literate in just 50 years time period

  • The things made of people in this empire were exported to other nations

  • Not even one capital punishment was in Sikh empire

  • There was no jail in Sikh empire and there was no movement by people against King

  • Sikh empire's army was at first in strength in Asia

  • More than 58 Europian were working in empire

  • some of them left Nepolian and joined Sikh empire 

  • Cambridge university took some ideas of educational ways from Sikh Empire when Matt Calloff visited Sikh empire in 1809

To search more about Empire you can study history

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